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We are always open to partnerships and joint applications. For biomedical research, we are keen to use our experience to help design and run clinical trials in other areas. For computing researchers, we are always keen to explore work that sits on the edge of computing and applications. Examples of this include the use of Argumentation as a novel evidence aggregation technique, and working on federated learning in brain tumour imaging.


Our focus is on delivering applied research. We have a combined clinical and computational approach, and use that to solve a variety of clinical research problems. We can offer a variety of solutions including direct contracts and consultancy.

We are most interested in projects that combine computation and clinical analytics, but are happy to discuss projects across a range of domains.



We are always keen to host students. Most of our students are Masters or PhD students, but we are always happy to consider undergraduate and (occasionally) school students. However, students are expected to be competent in writing code (mainly Python and R). For computing students, we are always keen to consider more computational projects, including those exploring functional programming approaches.

We expect students to work towards a publication. While not every piece of work is publishable, several of our students have published conference papers and contributed towards journal papers.

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