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Optune (Tumour-Treating Fields) are a new anti-cancer modality, with evidence to support their use in brain and lung cancer patients.

However, because it is a new treatment, there are a lot of mis-conceptions and barriers to using Optune. To address this, we host the UK Optune support group to help provide peer support and guidance for all Optune users in the UK. This includes patients accessing Optune through a trial, or as part of routine care, and irrespective of which part of the body they are having treated!

We do this by hosting:

  1. Regular monthly webinars (on Zoom) for patients and carers

  2. A WhatsApp group for quicker support

We also offer "Open" sessions where patients and carers volunteer to share their experience with potential users, healthcare professionals, etc.

You can also find the FAQ on the EventBrite page.

The Optune Support Groups are jointed and hosted by Dr. Matt Williams (Oncologist), Ms. Shivani Soni (CNS) and Ms. Lillie Pakzad-Shahabi (Clinical Research Practitioner).


To register for the next upcoming Optune Support Group meetings, please click on the links below. We ask people to pre-register for the meetings to make sure we can keep an eye on who is attending.

Upcoming Optune Support Group meetings

All the times are GMT.

Optune Support Group

Wednesday 12th June 2024 at 6pm

Optune Open Session

Wednesday 12th June 2024 at 7pm

Past Optune Support Group meetings

Optune Support Day - Tuesday 12th Dec 2023

Please see slides & audio from the day below. We apologise for the quality of the audio recording - those of you who attended the day will know the technical problems we had; these are present in the audio files.

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