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Computational medicine is about using computers to solve medical problems - whether those be in research, or in medical practice.

We found that there was a lack of training and education available at both undergraduate and post-graduate level, and so we have developed a series of courses and materials to help fill in that gap.

We are currently offering our weekend short-course, Coding for Health, which enables complete beginners to get started with writing simple, effective software ("coding"). We start by introducing some basic concepts and programming tools, and by Sunday pm you will be writing your own software project. This is supplemented by ongoing support from the lab on Slack over the next 6 months to help sustain and develop your project.

The course is led by Dr Matt Williams and Dr Caroline Morton, two doctors who have an interest in using the computing to solve interesting research and clinical problems, and is suitable for any medical professional or student, including doctors, nurses, OTs, Physios and other AHPs. It has also been a good way for new PHD students working in a biomedical domain to get started with writing software for their projects.

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£200 for weekend course and 6 months of support from the Lab via Slack, and a Certificate of Attendance.
All you need is your laptop and enthusiasm.

The course is suitable for complete beginners, but will also help complement the knowledge of those who have some informal or self-taught programming experience. The course is run by an experienced faculty (we have taught >400 students to program) and is suitable for any post-graduate with a medical/ medical research background (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.).

We shall advertise new upcoming dates of weekend courses but in the meantime, feel free to reach out using the Contact button below.

Next date for the Coding 4 Medicine is approaching (4th and 5th of March). You can register on Eventbrite (link below).



February 2018

Matthew Williams and Caroline Morton


June 2017

Matthew Williams and Caroline Morton

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